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Hello Sailer!

Nonbinary illustrator and comic artist based in Florida whose focus is on color surrealism and LGBT themes. They have worked on cover and inside illustrations for private writers, video essayists, various zines, and artwork for visual novels and a card game.Available for full time and contract work for industry and private clientele. Please email inquiries on projects and estimates to [email protected]

Terms of Service

Current rate: $35/HourIllustrations/Covers/Environments: $210-$350
Sprites/Character Art: $70-$210
Turnaround: About a month
Rush, two week deadline: +25%
Rush Rush, one week deadline: +50%
I will not work faster than a one week deadline unless your name is Julian Stuart.
Deadlines: Commissions are one of many aspects of my job, so besides the order queue I also deal with Patreon and contract assignments. The commissioner should alert me of any deadlines I should meet in order to properly fulfill their requests, but understand that I am a small business and can only promise so much.Process: Once contact has been made by the commissioner and a quote has been agreed upon. payment is to be made up front after the completion of the commission form and any references are sent to my email address. Some commissioners may be eligible for partial payment up front and the rest to be paid before the final artwork is sent out, but up front payments can be no less than 50% of the agreed upon quote. All orders MUST come with reference images or descriptions.Once I begin, the process continues as;
I create a sketch based off information given and sent to the commissioner for review. This will usually come with a color test.
Line art will be similarly sent to commissioner for review.
Once finished and paid for in full, the artwork is to be emailed to the commissioner.
Revisions: Revisions limited to once per stage of the process. The commissioner should have a solid idea in their mind of what they would like, or it will be considered “concept artwork” and be done in a rougher style to save time. A follow up illustration can be commissioned after concept artwork is reviewed and finalized by the commissioner. If the commissioner gives me “artistic freedom” then they are subject to my vision and taste.Rights: [NOTICE: I do NOT give permission for my works, in any capacity, to be minted or sold as NFT's/Cryptoart] Unless the commissioner states otherwise, I retain the right to use artworks I produce as promotional material on my websites or display in my gallery/ies. These can also be posted with credit to the commissioner if information is given ahead of time, or anonymously on request. The commissioner has the right to crop, edit, share, or upload places so long as I am given credit for my work.NSFW: While I do take NSFW commissions, I will need some proof or acknowledgement that the commissioner is age 18 or older.Can procure link to my NSFW site on request, given that the commissioner meets the above requirement.Refunds: Due to monetary restrictions, if for any reason the commissioner needs a refund the maximum amount that can be is 50% of the final price, and I will need about a month to gain the funds to do so. Depending on how far along the piece is, the refund may be less than 50%.A commissioner agrees to these terms by submitting any amount of payment.


[PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE]Self-Employed in Pinellas Park, FL
Artist (Freelance) January 2010 - Present
-Design, develop, and deliver art pieces to clients according to specifications
-Collaborate with writers to create personalized covers for novels and novellas
-Illustrate specific scenes for authors
-Develop and record music for a variety of projects, both personal and professional
-Costume design and prop construction
[PUBLICATIONS]Alone and Palely Loitering, by Julian Stuart (2017)
Book Cover Artwork
Let’s Relate, Zine by Dan McNeely (2017)
Biographical Comic
A Harmonious Entity, by Lane Avery (Unpublished)
Book Cover Artwork
The Key of Shadows, by Julian Stuart (2018)
Book Cover Artwork
Yu Yu Hakusho Art Zine, curated by Elizabeth Stifel (2018)
Inside Illustration
Devilman: Human Heart Zine, curated by Chong, Mars, and Yuchen (2018)
Inside Illustration
Pacific Rim: Uprising Arcana, curated by Mia Hye Mardikian (2018)
Prince of Wands card
Blessed of The Traveler: Queer Gender Identity in Eberron, by Lex Permann (2018)
Book Cover Artwork
Leopika Week: Fandom Event curated by Martine (2019)
Header Illustration
Sugar and Ashes: A Promare Valentines Day Zine (2019)
Inside Illustration
Promare Fashion Zine, curated by Rosecos (2020)
Inside Illustration
Envy, Visual Novel developed by Boop Studios (2020)
Character Sprites
Check Yes! Romeo, TTRPG developed by Margret Catter (2020)
Card Illustrations
Leopika Week: Fandom Event curated by Martine (2020)
Header Illustration
Video artowrk, for ThePoetJean (2020)
Interior Illustration
Video artwork, for ThePoetJean (2021)
Interior Illustration
[PROGRAMS]Clip Studio Paint
Paint Tool Sai